Our Story

Agel's Story

Agel’s story is a triumph of good health and opportunity for personal growth.

More than a decade ago, Agel brought dramatic innovation to the nutritional supplement marketplace. In an effort to improve the quality of life for people around the world, Agel created a better way for the human body to reap the benefits of nutritional supplements.

Rather than supplements in pill or juice form, Agel introduced supplements in suspension gel form, which is more easily and fully absorbed by the body.
Since then, we have developed an impressive line of gel supplements to improve health and well-being. Agel offers 17 different nutritional supplement products in categories that include vitamins, antioxidants, energy, joint health, immune support, glutathione, detox, meal replacement, cardiovascular support, mental clarity, weight management, vision support, sleep aid and, most recently, a probiotic.

To bring these outstanding products to the world, Agel created an appealing, flexible direct sales career plan. It allows anyone to sell Agel products and build their own businesses, working according to whatever schedule best fits their lives. Besides earning commissions, there are vacation trips and other incentives to make the business fun and rewarding.

Agel is now part of the JRJR Networks family of companies: a unique portfolio of fine direct-to-consumer brands within a public company whose stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Members of Agel’s sales force now have opportunities to earn stock in addition to their commissions.

Along with its fine nutritional products, Agel recently introduced Caspi™, a revolutionary new skin care system that uses caviar stem cell extract and 24 karat gold to enhance the skin’s appearance. Caspi is as innovative in skin care as suspension gel is in the supplement category.

Innovative products combined with flexible ways to earn and build wealth: Agel’s second decade will be filled with excitement and growth opportunity!

As Agel’s owner and chairman John Rochon Jr. puts it: “Agel’s second decade is going to be filled with excitement. We have unlimited opportunities for everyone who wants to be part of the Agel family. There are no limits on how much we can grow.”