What is “autoship” and is it mandatory?
Autoship allows team members to have product automatically shipped to them each month and their credit cards are charged accordingly. Autoship eliminates the hassle of ordering each month so that team members can remain eligible to participate in the Agel pay plan. Autoships are sent out on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th of each month. Team members can choose one of those dates for their autoship and designate the products that are included in that monthly order. The order can be changed any time prior to the shipment date. Autoship is an optional service provided by Agel.

Is autoship the same as Auto Order?
Yes. In some countries autoship is also known as Automatic Order or APO.

Is there a penalty if I cancel or modify my autoship?
No. You can cancel or change your autoship at any time; however, if you enrolled at the Executive Level, you must order at least two boxes of product every month to remain eligible to participate in the Executive Bonus portion of the Agel Pay Plan.