Gel Strips

Gel Strips

Nutrition at the speed of life.

When you need it now, why wait? Agel has pioneered a new form of supplement delivery in Gel Strips that give you what you need now. These new fast-acting strips quickly dissolve to form a powerful dose of Suspension Gel. This quick and easy delivery system has many advantages over traditional forms such as ingestible tablets, chewable tablets, orally dissolving tablets or softgels. The delivery of a supplement via Gel Strips has the potential to improve the onset of action, lower the dosing, and enhance the efficacy and safety of the supplement. Bottom line, Gel Strips work better and faster.

  • Gel Strips are more stable, durable and quicker dissolving than other conventional supplement forms.
  • Gel Strips enable improved dosing accuracy relative to liquid forms since every strip is manufactured to contain a precise amount.
  • Gel Strips not only ensure more accurate administration of supplements but also can improve compliance due to the intuitive nature of the dosage form and its inherent ease of administration.
  • Gel Strips’ ability to dissolve rapidly without the need for water provides an alternative to individuals with difficulty swallowing pills or softgels.
  • Gel Strips deliver a convenient, quick-dissolving dose that rapidly absorbs to ensure compliance.



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