What are the different Enrollment Levels?

THE PERSONAL LEVEL is for people who are in­terested in using the products themselves and marketing them for retail profits. This requires an activation order of at least 210 CV and provides only one Income Center.

THE EXECUTIVE LEVEL is for people who are seri­ous about marketing the products and building a network as well. This requires an activation order of at least 665 CV. Coming in at the Executive Lev­el provides you with three Income Centers, and qualifies you to earn on all ten options in the Agel Compensation Plan.

THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL is for serious busi­ness builders that are looking for a larger product inventory at a lower cost. There is a 30% discount on the sales price of this order. This requires an activation order of at least 3,000 CV. Profes­sional Level also provides three Income Centers and qualifies you for all ten ways to earn in the compensation plan.

Can I buy just the display boxes?
No the empty display boxes are not available for sale.

If I enrolled at the Personal Level can I upgrade to the Executive Level?
Yes, if you upgrade within 30 days of the original enrollment date you will just pay for an upgrade order of at least 455 CV in order to become an Executive. If you decide to upgrade after the 30 days have passed, then you can still upgrade by purchasing the entire Executive order of at least 665 CV.

Can I upgrade to the Professional Level?

Yes, you can upgrade to the Professional Level at any time, even if you have previously made a Professional order. This is done by placing an upgrade order of at least 3,000 CV. This allows you to take advantage of the 30% discount at any time.

What is my ID number and password?
All new Team Members are assigned an ID number and user password when they enroll. If you have forgotten your Team Member ID number or user password, contact Agel's Customer Service department at 801.806.4200. After verifying your information your ID number and password will be resent to your email address.

What do I get for the $35 registration fee?
This allows you to reserve a position in the tree. You will need to make sure and upgrade to one of the other enrollment levels before the end of the second calendar month after paying the $35 fee.

What payment methods does Agel accept?
Agel accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. We do not accept personal checks of any kind. Money orders and cashier checks are fine.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged when you complete the sign up process and submit your order.

Why is my social security number required at enrollment?
This information is required for tax and social security validation purposes. Team members may use a Tax ID# for a business name if desired. Team members that are not citizens of the United States are required to use the country identification number associated with the country that they are from.

How can I place a product order on my own?

  1. Go to backoffice.agel.com (no www needed)
  2. Enter the password/I.D. you chose when you registered
  3. Click on button that says “Place an Order”
  4. Choose the products you want