First Order Bonus

First Order Bonus

First Order Bonus provides a way for your initial efforts to be rewarded almost immediately. You can enjoy profit checks in little more than a month with Agel. Money in your wallet can be a great motivator during your first months to keep building your organization. It can also jumpstart your business, providing you with financial returns until your structure becomes strong. For every person that you sponsor (or personally enroll) you will receive a different First Order Bonus depending on the level of their enrollment.

Level of Enrollment Bonus

Professional Level - $500
Executive Level - $100
Personal Level - $35

Aim for Executive or Professional Level enrollments.
As you can see from the chart, the First Order Bonus for enrollments at the Executive or Professional Level is much greater than for Personal Level enrollments. If that isn’t enough motivation for you to enroll at these levels, also keep in mind that it creates the possibility of much more long-term return for both you and your enrollee.

Increase your Commissionable Volume.
Each personal enrollment also counts towards your Commissionable Volume.