Preferred Customers

Retail Sales & Preferred Customers

Want to make a profit quickly and easily? Then retail sales might be the way to go. With this approach, you buy Agel products at wholesale prices* and then sell them at the suggested retail price. It’s like you’re an Agel store, providing easy access to incredible products that address critical health and wellness needs.

Preferred Customer** program.
Instead of selling single boxes, set up your regular customers with their own Back Office account by enrolling them in the Preferred Customer program. This allows your customers to set up monthly autoship orders, and receive their product directly from the company.

Preferred Customers order products at the wholesale price, and you receive a bonus for each product they purchase. Additionally, their orders will be added to your Pay Volume each month.

With the Preferred Customer program, your customers are ensured of getting their wellness needs met consistently, while you are generating reliable monthly profits.

Like any good retailer, always look to up-sell.
Your customer might think that one product is enough for their wellness needs, but be sure to introduce other products that might help maintain better health. If a customer could stand to lose a few pounds, explain how FIT is a great compliment to an effective weight loss plan. If somebody’s energy looks low, talk about how OHM might put more spring in their step. When you put thought into your retail sales, you’ll discover many opportunities to explain the benefits of additional products.

Don’t forget to check back in with your Preferred Customers.
Retail sales also allow you to create a sale with those interested only in Agel’s remarkable and innovative product line. Think of it as a backup plan for those who don’t feel compelled to be part of your team. But remember to check back in with your retail customers on a regular basis. Over time, they may reconsider and decide that joining your team could further help them on the way toward achieving their personal goals.

* Retail Sales are not allowed in markets designated as NFR (Nor For Resale). Sale of products in these countries are for personal use only.
** Preferred Customer status is available in limited markets supported by Agel.