4. Leveraged Matching Bonus

Leveraged Matching Bonus

Our Leveraged Matching Bonus is one of the most innovative compensation plan elements in the history of the network marketing industry. It is also how those aiming for incredible success can generate the income necessary to meet their goals.

Why is it innovative?
This plan allows you to multiply your earnings as your organization grows. In addition to the Team Volume Commissions you earn on your lesser leg, you can earn up to 50% of the Team Volume Commissions being earned by any team members that you have personally sponsored. Think of that! You can also receive a percentage of the Team Volume Commissions being earned by the people in their team structure—up to 7 generations down. The amount of Leveraged Matching Bonus you receive for each team member in your structure differs depending upon your leadership status in the organization and their relationship to the team member you personally sponsored.

In addition, downline team members who hit their anniversary month will have their Leverage Matching Bonuses paid to the upline sponsorships on the 3%.

Never lose your bonus.
The Leveraged Matching Bonus plan is paid to qualifying team members on each individual they personally sponsor or bring into the business—no matter where they fit in their business structure. Once you qualify, you can be confident you will receive your Leveraged Matching Bonus on every team member you brought into the business, no matter if they are at level 5 or level 500 and no matter how profitable they become.

How do you qualify?
To receive Leveraged Matching Bonuses, you must have earned the Supervisor Level or above (achieving Supervisor status requires you to have a minimum CV of 1,000 in your lesser leg) and purchase at least 100 CV of product every month. At this point you will begin receiving a bonus for each qualified team member in your structure, up to 7 generations down.