3. Team Volume Commissions

Team Volume Commissions & Retention Bonus

Team Volume Commissions are the basic way you’ll generate long-term income with Agel—income that will grow as your team grows. They are based on your Commissionable Volume. Here’s how it works:

Build your two-leg business structure.
Each business center at Agel has two legs. As you and your team members find new people to enroll, you will add them below your other team members in each leg of your business.

The total number of dollars spent on enrollment, autoship, and other product orders by the team members in each leg of your business is converted into “Commissionable Volume” or CV. The Professional, Executive, and Personal Level enrollments; and each of the different products have different CV values assigned to them (see the order pages in your online Back Office for details—whenever you place an order, you will be informed of the CV value of that order). The leg that generates less total CV for any given month is considered your “lesser leg” for that month.

Earn up to 10% commissions on your lesser leg.
Agel pays 7% of the Commissionable Volume of each Agel team member’s lesser leg back to them in the form of monthly Team Volume Commissions.

Team Members participating at the Executive or Professional levels will have an additional 3% paid as a retention bonus. Provided they stay active for 12 consecutive months, on their one year anniversary they may be entitled to receive payment of the 3% earned throughout the year.

Create reliable Commissionable Volume.
As your team grows and creates more business, you increase your CV. The more CV you have in your lesser leg, the bigger the Team Volume Commissions you receive every month. There are no “breakaways” in the Agel Compensation Plan. And there is no “sub-level” income. That means that you can rest assured that you will continue to earn Team Volume Commissions on your lesser leg every month, no matter how many levels your structure is.

Sign up at the Professional or Executive Level and increase the possibilities.
If you’re looking to build a very successful organization, signing up at the Professional or Executive Level is essential. One of the reasons it’s essential is because it allows you to have three “business centers.” In other words, you are given three business structures—each with two legs—and you get to earn up to 10% on the lesser legs of all three.

Target the max Team Volume Commission.
A maximum of $25,000 can be earned per business center per month.