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FLX - For Joint Health and Flexibility

Agel® FLX is about joint
health. FLX uses Celadrin®,
Glucosamine, Menthyl Sulfonyl
Methane, and Chondroitin for
lubrication, cushioning, and natural
maintenance of flexibility. FLX’s
ingredients and convenient singleserve
packaging are the solution
for lifestyles in motion

EXO - Antioxidants for cleaner living!

Agel® EXO combines the world’s most powerful and exotic fruits and berries—some foreign, some familiar, yet all extremely beneficial. It’s a highly concentrated gel made up of antioxidant-rich fruits and plants, therefore the efficiency and health benefits of these important compounds are greatly enhanced.

UMI - For the immune system!

Agel UMI is a powerful punch of fucoidan. Found within brown seaweed, fucoidan has a wealth of benefits that are continuously being identified. UMI means “sea” and if there is such a thing as a sunken treasure- fucoidan is it.  Seaweed never tasted so good.

MIN - Minimum Daily Vitamins

Contains 100% ROI of essential, energy-producing coenzymes

Provides stamina for normal daily activities

Converts carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy

Helps keep normal bones, teeth, and joints healthy

Supports normal vision and hearing

Why Gels? Check out the Science behind Gel technology and why our suspended supplements work better for you!

The Science!

What are the advantages of Suspension Gel Technology?
There are two key factors that influence the efficacy of any nutritional supplement: the timing of the
ingestion, and the bioavailability of the nutrients. The convenience (ease of ingestion and
superiority over tablets/capsules) of the portable gel pack delivery system that Agel uses allows first
for the proper timing of ingestion to correctly correspond with meals, which in turn enhances the
overall absorption and use of the nutrient. And second, the Gel Technology forces the critical
nutrients to remain suspended in gel, thus optimizing the bioavailability of those nutrients when
ingested. Traditional supplements found in pills and capsules do not always fully absorb in the
digestive tract, allowing a portion of the critical nutrients to travel through the digestive tract
without ever interacting with the lining of the stomach or intestines.