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Crank up your metabolism and burn fat with BRN. BRN contains Bioperine to assist in your body’s
absorption of the nutrients Synephrine and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). The synephrine
boosts the bodies metabolic rate, which can increase fat break down and helps you eat less. CLA helps increase lean muscle mass which in turn burns more calories which also makes you leaner. Reach your bodies potential with BRN.


Agel VLT has been specifically
formulated to provide a sustained
energy boost that supports
concentration, focus and endurance.
Allowing you to perform at your
best. With B vitamins that are
essential for energy, endurance and
stamina and low in sugar, VLT gives
you the energy you need now.


Agel® FIT helps play a role in the
frustrating struggle of ‘eating less’
and ‘moving more’ that is essential
to weight loss and maintenance,
without the harmful effects of
stimulants. FIT helps decrease
body weight by reducing appetite
and inhibiting fat synthesis