BRN – For Burning Fat


Crank up your metabolism and
burn fat with BRN. BRN contains
Bioperine to assist in your body’s
absorption of the nutrients
Synephrine and CLA (conjugated
linoleic acid). The synephrine
boosts the bodies metabolic rate,
which can increase fat break
down and helps you eat less. CLA
helps increase lean muscle mass
which in turn burns more calories
which also makes you leaner.
Reach your bodies potential with

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Metabolic Rush

Crank Up the Heat

The unique formulation in BRN has been specifically chosen to ensure you get everything you need to crank up the heat on fat. Citrus Aurantium, which is rich in Synephrine, is one of the key ingredients in BRN. This amazing fruit with its high concentration of Synephrine helps support your metabolism. This incredible discovery can give you the edge that you need to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits and help you reach your fitness goals.

Turn Fat into Fuel 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is another key ingredient. CLA helps the body oxidize fat or in simple terms; it helps your body turn fat into fuel. Now all that “energy” you’ve been storing up while sitting on the couch can actually be put into motion and you can get your fat burning with BRN. Combining CLA and Synephrine and you’ve got all the advantage you need in your fight against fat.

The Right Stuff Right Now

Nothing is complete without a little seasoning, that’s why we’ve included Piper nigrum otherwise known as black pepper. Black pepper has a long list of benefits from digestion to exhaustion. There are so many things that black pepper can do but there is one very specific thing that black pepper does for BRN. Black pepper has been shown to assist in nutrient absorption. Including black pepper in BRN is the equivalent of installing a biological thermostat. Get what you need when you need it.


• Along with a healthy diet and exercise, BRN
ingredients are designed to support your
body’s metabolism giving you a powerful
ally in managing your weight.
• Synephrine supports a healthy metabolism,
which can assist in weight management.
• CLA helps retain healthy lean muscle mass
which in turn burns more calories and helps
you look leaner.
• Each ingredient in BRN was chosen
specifically to help you support a healthy
body image.
• Black Pepper extract enhances the
absorption abilities of suspension gel. Reach
your body’s potential with BRN.


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