MIN – Minimum Daily Vitamins


  • Contains 100% ROI of essential, energy-producing coenzymes
  • Provides stamina for normal daily activities
  • Converts carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy
  • Helps keep normal bones, teeth, and joints healthy
  • Supports normal vision and hearing


Exactly What is Needed and No More

Everyone needs the right vitamins and minerals to have a healthy life. Which is why everyone should know about MIN. It doesn’t contain too much or too little of these essential nutrients, but just the exact daily amounts you need to help you overcome the impact of highly processed foods and unhealthy eating habits.  MIN gives you the exact amounts of the essential vitamins you need everyday. It provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of 12 essential vitamins and up to 75% of 10 essential minerals.

Maximize Absorption

Besides providing the right amount of nutrients, MIN uses the revolutionary Suspension Gel Technology to maximize their absorption. So if you’d like to minimize the waste and maximize your vitamins and minerals, MIN is the supplement for you. Better yet, it provides this essential nutrition in a great-tasting form that’s easy to swallow, simple to take with you, and sweetened by nature’s own sugar, fructose.


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