UMI – For the Immune System


Agel UMI is a powerful punch of
fucoidan. Found within brown
seaweed, fucoidan has a wealth
of benefits that are continuously
being identified. UMI means “sea”
and if there is such a thing as a
sunken treasure- fucoidan is it.
Forget fucoidan pills, gel suspension
is here. Seaweed never tasted
so good.


Improve your immune system

Discover UMI, discover health

Fucoidan is one of the most exciting nutritional discoveries of the past decade. UMI is rich in this amazing ingredient derived from brown seaweed, which for centuries has been heralded by cultures with famously long life spans

Discover what many have known for centuries

In coastal and island cultures around the world, fucoidan-rich brown seaweed has been considered a staple of healthy nutrition for centuries. They were on to something. Their choice to include seaweed in their diet is now supported by science. There are hundreds of studies already published about the health benefits of fucoidan and many other health experts and scientists are now exploring the possibilities of this incredible nutrient.

Improve your immune system

Fucoidan has been shown to sustain and promote better overall health and vitality. It also helps promote the health of white blood cells and supports their production in the body. Healthy white blood cells are a critical part of your body’s immune response.  UMI also supports healthy arteries, normal blood flow, and acts as an antioxidant in supporting the immune system responses down to the cellular level.

Fucoidan is good for you

Each UMI packet delivers a concentrated extract of seaweed which contains 210 mg of fucoidan, iodine and other complementary phytonutrients formulated in Agel’s suspension gel matrix delivery system.


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