VLT – For Energy, Focus, and Concentration


Agel VLT has been specifically
formulated to provide a sustained
energy boost that supports
concentration, focus and endurance.
Allowing you to perform at your
best. With B vitamins that are
essential for energy, endurance and
stamina and low in sugar, VLT gives
you the energy you need now.

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The energy you need.


This new high-energy Agel product combines caffeine, vitamins, and selected herbs to create the ultimate high-energy gel for active people. Agel VLT is an energy gel superior in effect to energy drinks. It provides the quick energy you need without the sudden crash.

VLT Benefits

• Provides a sustained burst of energy in a suspension gel dosage form
• Supports the synthesis of ATP (natural fuel for the muscles)
• Vegetarian and non-gluten ingredients
• Low glycemic ingredients
• Excellent source of selected B vitamin ingredients and high potency anti-oxidant Vitamin C
• Contains Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) that has been shown to reduce both physical and mental fatigue associated with aging. ALC is a precursor to the important brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which contributes to the support of cognitive function and memory


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